Bromoil Print Portfolio

Colorado River at Navajo Bridge Big Cypress Swamp Lake Monroe Whitewater Bay
Sycamore Forest at Coe Dancing Manzanita Pond Cypress
Blacktail Canyon Cypress Knees Lava Falls Deer Creek Chasm

Bromoil printing requires a black and white silver gelatin print, made with bromoil printing in mind, and then bleached to the point of being nearly invisible. This leave a gelatin matrix on the paper which will hold varying amounts of ink depending on how light or dark that part of the image was originally. The ink is a standard etching press ink but it is applied slowly with a stencil brush. As the print is inked, the image slowly becomes visible again.

After the print is entirely inked, one can use it as-is or one can run it through an etching press and print a reversed image onto a suitable printmaking paper. Each print requires hand-inking the gelatin matrix rather than rolling the ink onto a plate as is done with many etchings.

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