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Defending Pornography
by Nadine Strossen
A nationally renowned speaker and debater, NADINE STROSSEN is Professor of Law at New York Law School and President of the American Civil Liberties Union. This book is a new edition, with a new forward and epilogue. Ms. Strossen has included one of my images as the frontispiece, and uses my artwork as an example of some of the styles of art that would be banned by many anti-internet porn laws.

From the Back Cover of Defending Pornography
—"Defending Pornography is valuable precisely because of its lucid, broad exploration of the long debate over pornography. Strossen makes the case that censorship, not pornography, hurts women, and in the end...this book could spell the end of Dworkin's and MacKinnon's power over the public forum, and open the debate to more of this kind of common sense, which it sorely needs."—

Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of ARTMAKING
by David Bayles and Ted Orland
This book will always be near the top of any book list I might make. Just take a look at the reader reviews it has garnered at Amazon.com to see why, or just go buy it - it is wonderful!

Notes on a Shared Landscape
by David Bayles
An extraordinarily beautiful collection of essays and images by the author; thought-provoking musings on our relationship with the western landscape.

The View From The Studio Door: How Artists Find Their Way In An Uncertain World
by Ted Orland
A great companion piece to the Art & Fear book listed above, this book is sort of a sequel - in the good sense.

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