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Ruth Bernhard: The Eternal Body
A Collection of Fifty Nudes

Ruth Bernhard is my idol when it comes to photographing nudes. She has an incredible eye for the perfect play of light on the body. Her nudes are gentle nudes, with obvious empathy for her models. She describes the process: "For me, the creation of a photograph is experienced as a heightened emotional response, most akin to poetry and music, each image the culmination of a compelling impulse I cannot deny." I believe her, as this is an apt description of my experience in viewing them.

Edward Weston: The Flame of Recognition
Weston's photographs accompanied by excerpts from the Daybooks and Letters, edited by Nancy Newhall.
An Aperture monograph of one of the greatest photographers of all. This book includes a fairly representative sample of Edward Weston's photography, spanning a great number of years and a large range of content as well.

Graphis: Nudes
by Annette Crandall (Editor), Heinke Jenssen (Editor), Michael O'Connor (Editor), B. Martin Pedersen (Editor), Shintaro Shiratori (Photographer), Robert Farber (Photographer)
A collection showcasing a diverse range of styles in nude photography, including some of the world's most respected photographers. Contributors include Herb Ritts, Joyce Tenneson, Robert Farber, Sheila Metzner, Robert Mapplethorpe, and others. Over 200 photos!

Holding Venus
by Keith Carter
Keith Carter has a number of wonderful photo books out there, and I'd recommend any of them - but this one more than any other. The photographs are wondrous and mysterious, with bits of magic and mythology. The reproductions are beautiful, and the book itself is very finely crafted.

Lewis Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland:
Illustrated by Maggie Taylor
Maggie Taylor's images capture the dreams I wish I was having! This book was published in 2008 by Modern Book Gallery of Palo Alto, now Themes+Projects of San Francisco. It is an exquisite book in all ways.

Notes on a Shared Landscape
by David Bayles
An extraordinarily beautiful collection of essays and images by the author; thought-provoking musings on our relationship with the western landscape.

The Print
by Ansel Adams
The Print, together with The Camera and The Negative , comprise the Ansel Adams Photography Series, the very best of all books printed on the art of black and white photography. This series is especially useful for very serious, technically-oriented sorts of photographers, but anyone with an interest in crafting a fine photograph will learn from this series.

Alfred Stieglitz (Aperture Masters of Photography)
by Dorothy Norman (Contributor), Alfred Stieglitz (Photographer)
A small selection of 41 of Stieglitz' more iconic images, with informative text provided by Dorothy Norman, a close associate of the photographer.

Steichen's Legacy:
Photographs, 1895-1973
Edward Steichen (Photographer), Joanna Steichen
Edward Steichen was a visionary determined to show that photography was an art form as well as a craft, at a time when few recognized its artistic potential. This is a marvelous retrospective of his work, spanning seven decades and many genres, beautifully reproduced in a well-crafted book. Worth every penny.

Uelsmann: Process and Perception
by Jerry Uelsmann
Uelsmann is one of America's most influential contemporary photographers, a master of darkroom manipulation rivaled by none. In one section of the book he narrates his own creative process in a visual account of a single day's work in the darkroom, from first thoughts, through multiple revisions and on through the final image. In another he shows the individual images and describes how they are put together before finally showing the final composite image. The book also includes a portfolio of 90 of Uelsmann's images.

Uelsmann: Yosemite
by Jerry Uelsmann
Another marvelous book by America's master of darkroom manipulation! All Yosemite, all wonders of the mind of Uelsmann.

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