Saelon's Studio

Panoramas (Holga or Digital)

Holga Panoramas:

The Holga is a very cheap plastic camera with a cheap plastic lens, which uses 120mm film. It presents a few new technical challenges for those of us who are accustomed to traditional cameras with sharp lenses. The Holga lens tends to be more or less sharp in the center of the image and very unsharp toward the edges. The camera can be used to make either 16 images per roll at 6" x 4.5" or 12 images per roll with 6" x 6" negatives, but the latter yields a vignetting effect in all the corners. The camera has only one shutter speed (approximately 1/60) and one aperture (approximately f8), and has a back that falls off if not taped or rubber-banded in place. It's weight and bulk are insignificant, and it's value so low, that you really CAN take this camera anywhere you go without worry. It really ENCOURAGES one to loosen up and play, and helps teach it's users to enjoy life's happy mistakes. The panoramas are made by setting the frame counter at 16 but having the insides of the camera set up for square images. This allows an overlap of frames - the rest is up to you and your imagination and luck.

Digital Panoramas:

This panorama was created by making three individual 2¼ negatives and piecing them together in Photoshop. I rather like the image border I get with the holga panoramas, so I added one to this image as well.


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