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  GALLERY 1 Holga Images: Canoe and Alligator, Dogs Playing, In the Maze, King of the Mountain, Redding Oak, O'Brien, Praying, and Yosemite Forest
  GALLERY 2 Black & White Landscapes: Avenue of the Giants, Birches, Eel River, Fence at Coe, Kananaskis Country, Lava Beds, Mission Cellar, Mt. St. Helen, Nick's Place, Oak at Coe, Rainbow Basin, Saguaro, Sycan River, and Tumacacori
  GALLERY 3 Black & White Nudes: Art and Artist, Climbing Tree, Drummer's Muscle, Kata, Kata's View, Nude in Landscape, Nude in Olive Tree, Nude in Window, Silhouettes #1
  GALLERY 1 Bromoil Prints: Bald Cypress and Knees, Big Cypress Swamp, Buckfarm Canyon Panorama, Chasm at Deer Creek, Colorado River from Navajo Bridge, Forest at Coe, Lake Monroe, Lava Falls Ledges, Manzanita Dance, Pond Cypress at Lakeland, Pool at Fern Creek, Redwall Cavern, Sycamore Trunk, Whitewater Bay, Whitmore Wash
  NARRATIVE SERIES Narrative Images: Belly and Pomegranate, Boobs and Bunnies, Confessions, Lucille's Whole World, Striped Stone, The Voice of God, .
  BODY IMAGE SERIES Body Images: Body Image #1, Body Image #2, Body Image #3, Body Image #4, Body Image #5, Body Image #6
  GALLERY 1 Old World/New World (Spain and Mexico): Angel of El General, Cactus, Cactus in Bondage, Castille de Torre Aragón, Courtyard, Cueva del Ojo Guareña, After the Day of the Dead, Iglesia de Santo Domingo, Woman Mopping, Nest of the Egyptian Vulture, Puentedey, Saint on Bridge, San Juan de Los Reyes, Oaxacan Stock Market, Sunflowers, Sunset on Cactus, Windmill at Conseugra, Window View at Cuilapan, Window View at Nela
  GALLERY 2 Northwestern Landscapes: Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, Oregon Coast #1, Oregon Coast #2, Oregon Coast #3, Yakima Pine
  GALLERY 3 Southwestern Landscapes: Aspens, Cardón, Chiricahua Mountains, Cottonwood Cave, Interior at Tumacacori, Great Kiva, Spruce Tree House, Tumacacori #1
  GALLERY 4 California Landscapes: Arizona Eastern and San Diego Railroad, Alder, Bristlecone, Dune, Jacumba Mountains, Lone Flower, Ocotillo, Sunrise in Death Valley, Sunset at Coe Park, Surf
  GALLERY 5 Eastern U.S. Landscapes: Boardwalk in the Everglades, and White Mountains, New Hampshire
  GALLERY 1 Handpainted Natural Still-lifes: Corn Lily, Goose, Grapes, Heron Tracks, Red Lichen, Lily, Red Amaryllis, Sea Palm, Spatterdock #2, Swan, Tulips in Vase, Two Callas
  NEWEST WORK Newest Handpainted Nudes: Amy Spotlighted, Baby Toes, Bass Player, Bethany, Black on Red, Deborah's Back #1, Deborah's Back #2, Dressing, Floating Nude, Cheryl Framed, Holding Hands, Nude in Ferns, Nude with Pink, Two Torsos in Redwoods, Sun and Shadow, Zero Gravity
  GALLERY 1 More Handpainted Nudes: Alana at Kiln, Denise at Vineyard, Lana Mirrored, Long Hair, Male Triangles, Nude with Buns, Oval Light, Tamara Direct, and Ripe Gourds
  GALLERY 2 More Handpainted Nudes: Amy and Amy, Legs, Lovers, Lovers #2, Nude Landscape, Playing Grown-Up, Second Child Coming, Two Curved Torsos, and Wisteria's Curl
  GALLERY 3 More Handpainted Nudes: Black Hair in Sun, Forties Nude #1, Hand on Chest, Joy Pregnant, Monica #1, Reclining Nude, Rochelle Spotlighted, Two Hips, and Wisteria's Back
  GALLERY 4 More Handpainted Nudes: Amy's Side, Brown Torso, Fallen Angel, Housework Nude, Man with Tulips, Pregnant in Paradise, Standing Angel, Standing in Window, and Torso in Corner
  GALLERY 5 More Handpainted Nudes: Amy's Back, Amy's Hug, Fall Nude #1, Fall Nude #2, Nude with Apple, Nude with Black Gloves, Nude with Pearls, and Nude with Roses #2
  GALLERY 6 More Handpainted Nudes: In the Bunker, Dancer #1, Grace, Knees and Elbows, Male Nude in White, Nude with Gourds, Pregnant #1, and Rows of Toes

California Landscapes: Ambient: Earth, Air & Water, Ambient: Ocean, Berry Creek Falls, Bixby Park #1, Bixby Park #2, Bixby Park #3, Castle Rock Forest, Cattails at Pescadero Lagoon, Decaying Trees at Big Basin State Park, Fog at Coe Park, Gardenhouse at Filoli, Golden Hour at Pt. Reyes, Kelp Forest, Light at Sanborn Park, Mt. Umunhum, Pacific Ocean at Pt. Reyes, Sanborn Park Forest, Sand Dollars, Skunk Cabbage, Sky at Sunset, Surf with Gulls and Terns, Tree Fern, Water's Edge, Winter Sky over Palo Alto Baylands, Winter Storm at Point Lobos, Wolf Eel

  FIGURES: BLACK & WHITE Black and White Figures: Arms Crossed, Benji, Curvy Hips, Freckled Back, Full Circle, Hand on Hip, Legs, Little Cat Feet, Pregnant Side, Reaching for the Sun, Sinuous Nude, Slim Torso, Tess with Child, Tess and Rock, Veiled Dancer, Who's Who?
  FIGURES: COLOR Color Figures: Behind the Curves, Blue Nude, Contrasting Torsos, Dancer II, Dancer in the Sun, Emily's Tatoo, Kirsten's Hands, Kristina's Arch, Jordan Swimming, Jordan Swimming #2, Nude in Garden, Nude with Morning Paper, S Curve, Toni at Spa, Whitney in Landscape, Whitney in Shadow
  FLORIDA LANDSCAPES Florida Landscapes: Bromeliad, Fern and Palmetto, Limpkin, Osprey, Opal Water, Palmetto, Rain, Siren's Song, Turkey Oak
  FLOWERS AND FRUITS Flowers and Fruits: Asters, Columbine, Composite, Magnolia, Pink Dahlias, Pink Rose, Pink and Yellow Dahlias, Sunflower, Wildflowers
  NARRATIVES Narrative Images: Boy with Striped Stone
  SCENES FROM TRAVELS Scenes from Travels: Airport in Rain, Glow
  PANORAMAS Holga Panoramas: Buckingham Fountain, Ruins at Mitla, View from Yagul, and Tall Oak
    Digital Panoramas: View of Toledo, Spain
  SUNFLOWER SERIES Sunflower Series: Annabelle, Bessie, Debra, Erik, Jack, Jim, Johanna, Julius, Kathy, Marie, Saelon, and Steve
  NATIVE WILDFLOWERS Native Wildflowers: Bluedicks, Blue-Eyed Grass, Bowltube Iris, Desert Brittlebush, Buttercups, California Lady's Slipper, California Pitcherplant, California Poppies, Fairy Lanterns #1, Fairy Lanterns #2, Johnny JumpUp, Morning Glory, Mule Ears, Desert Paintbrush, Wild Heliotrope, Rocky Mountain Iris, Sand Verbena, Scalebud, Western Azalea, White Insideout Flower and Yellow Mariposa Lily


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